Monday, June 22, 2009

~Our Master Bedroom~

Okay...Little by little I have been working around the house and in particular the bedrooms. Thought I would show some before and after shots of our "not your standard size" master bedroom. I poured over my magazines and research for this particular room. I wanted a soft, romantic, passionate room I could create that was new and different than I had ever "made over" before. I love soft colors together that would blend with the wood in my room. I chose white and different hues of ivory or cream or taupe. I wanted it to be cozy and elegant and a place of retreat. Though it is still in the making. I love this room.
We painted, replaced the carpet, had a linen cabinet built and installed, rewired some areas, added all new window coverings, bought a new bedframe and chose some fabulous upscale linen (mostly Sferra and Waterford).
Here we go, but remember this room may change some, this is how it is for now. I have already bought a sweet iron bench that wasn't even in these original pictures and other things.


This picture shows the walls right after we painted and before the carpet and crown moulding went in.

Here shows the corner area where the new cabinet will go in and before the iron rods and window coverings went up. Also the wiring was being finished up. The room looks pretty rugged.


This is the "after shot", a dark pic and doesn't show the cabinet well, but does show a little of the room. For some reason my camera wouldn't take a better picture of this area. I think I probably should have opening the shutters some.
My new Wesley Allen bed is wonderful! It is so beautiful and my hubby and I just love it. Although plain for now, the room is very comfy. The curtains are a little too dark, so I will be changing those out, but okay for now.

Our window covering hardware is so pretty. I feel so happy to have at least this much done. Believe it or not, just this little bit took months it seems for us to do.

Some tips of the trade that I used and kept in mind as I was decorating was a wonderful "insider tip" I found in one of my magazines:

-Be true to yourself. Buy what makes you happy and stick with it.

-Choose a maximum of three colors in each room.

-Make your bedroom your favorite color--the color that makes you feel cozy.

-Know when to acquire a bargain. You get what you pay for.

-Buy the best Sheets, candles, pillows, linens and towels that you can afford.

-Invest in special pieces of furniture that you can live with for the rest of your life.

-Take your time decorating. It takes years to complete a home.

-Browse through magazines and books of rooms that speak to you. You will see a pattern of colors and style.

I hope these tips help you as you are redesigning those areas of your home that make you happy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy "June" to all of you!!

Just a note to my lovely "blog" friends know that I haven't forgot any of you. I think of you often, but have been a little preoccupied. My mother passed away on May 22, 2009 and sadly I had to take care of all her details. I was quite worn down...but I am perking back up and moving forward with God's help. He has been such a support for me. I find myself thinking inwardly that I can't possibly have all this strength. He is so carrying me at this time.

These lovely flowers were for my dear sweet mother. Hope to enjoy the continuing saga of my home renovations and sharing with all of you.

Love to all and have missed you.