Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~~Brennen's Special Day~~

April was a time of celebration...Brennen, our oldest grandson turned 8. In addition to the celebration of his birth, he also was able to be baptised. In addition to us, his local family, his grandparents from out of state came for his special weekend. His baptism day was just for him. He received both talks on baptism and the holy ghost...then he was baptised. He has such a sweet spirit...he got tears in his eyes and gave us all his testimony of Jesus Christ in his life.

Picture afterwards of him and his Dad.

Part of our "local" family including his Mom & Dad and sisters, with my husband & I (in black) and Great Grandma and Great Aunt Charlotte on the left.

It was a fabulous day Brennen had been looking forward to. We are so proud of him and love him very much.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

~~Mimi's Flower Garden~~

April was such a busy month for our family...birthdays, baptism and our anniversary...I will post some pictures of that later....

We also have been working in our flower garden...It has been so beautiful here and here are some of the plants we have growing and how they are bursting with colors....I love this time of year!!!!

I love foxglove and also the mix of lavender, stock and the delicate white geranium

This beautiful red "Lily of the Nile" is bursting out in the pot...it was one of a few bulbs my mother brought with her when she moved from our family home and gave to me...It usually always blooms right around her birthday, which is special.
The next barrel of beauty is spanish primrose which I just threw in this barrel last spring...it will be in full bloom for most of the summer.
Then my lovely pink jasmine decided to really "flower" out for me this year and the fragrance is wonderful....this is just one side of it, you can see all the buds on the right just about ready to pop!
The last barrel is full this year with pink and white ruffled geranium...the colors are beautiful.

Our little flower garden area has brought me so much joy and I love to look at it.
We have another area with yellow honeysuckle and star jasmine....all the fragrances mingled together are wonderful!!!~~hope you enjoy!