Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hello ladies out there in blogland....I know I have been out on a "time out". These past few months have been such a mixture of emotion. My sweet hubby and I just returned from my family reunion in New Mexico in the "four corners" area. With the passing of my mother, it has taken it's toll on my creative side. I haven't been able to stay focused to complete what we have started out to do with our home earlier in the year. I was able to kind of rejuvenate with family and try to pull myself "somewhat" back together. I've always considered myself a pretty strong person, but this emotional roller coaster comes on without notice. I was able to spend some time ducking in a few shoppes to check out the goodies and came home with a few treasures. Shopping always helps anything, right!

I found this beautiful piece, which I believe was probably over a doorway of a cottage home. I just had to have it, but not exactly sure what I will end up doing with it. When I bought it, I thought perhaps a mirror under it in the landing area before going upstairs.

Let me know your thoughts...I'm kind of foggy after the trip and I need some new, fresh energy from all of you who do such a fantastic job decorating...more soon, promise! God has been very good to me and I feel His arms around me.

This is rather looks small in this picture...about 14-16" tall by 24" long.