Friday, December 25, 2009

~~A Child is Born~~

I love this picture of Mary with baby Jesus...
We shall read Luke 2 on Christmas Eve and prepare for the celebration of our Saviors birth.
Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~~My Mary Christmas Card~~

Isn't this the sweetest Clapsaddle card for the Christmas time? I just had to post it as my first name is Mary and the card uses the name in the Christmas rhyme. Thought it was so cute and just wanted to share....hope your week is going well. Try to enjoy each day and remember what we are celebrating...I know I have been. Blessings to each of you as you anticipate gathering with your family later on this week.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~~Some Christmas crafts~~

"The Stockings were all hung by the chimney with care"
A few years ago I received a request from a shop owner friend of mine here in town to make a "shabby" Christmas stocking for one of her patrons. She wanted a simple, yet elegant stocking with charm and lace. I love this beautiful rose cotton fabric and it was a hit with her customer. The quilted back side fabric was white and pink was lined in another rose ticking fabric. The lace toe had a vintage teardrop pearl danglie tied to the tip.

Below is a craft I picked up from one of my fellow bloggers that was suggested with candles. I put my own touches to them and created a special candle for a Christmas present for my cousin which is shown in the last picture showcasing a vintage picture of our grandmother...

Before I started, gathering my supplies.

Finished product, ready for gifts in several sizes...I found out I prefer the 4" pillar size.

The one I designed for my cousin...she has it on her dresser in her bedroom. I made the silk roses and added some millinery flowers in her favorite lavender color and also incorporated a lonely lavender colored faceted rhinestone earring that was our Grandmothers and is located on the top left. Not sure if you can see it in this picture.
It came out so pretty and she was so happy with it..she even cried. She said it would definitely be an heirloom to her. I have since purchased a cloche to go over the entire piece for protection.

Had so much fun making these up, decorating and designing...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

~~Christmas week - 2009~~

Christmas week is fast approaching and as many of you are doing, I am bustling about getting things ready for my family so I can take time to enjoy Christmas and it's true meaning with them. Happiness to each of you as you prepare for your loved ones.

Monday, December 14, 2009

~~Enjoying Christmas festivities with my family~~

Recently our little town enjoyed "Vine Street Walk, A Victorian Showcase of Christmas"...
This beautiful Ellen Clapsaddle card reminded me of that time, but long ago, when families dressed up and went strolling down the streets and admiring beautiful Christmas lights. Here in our small town of Paso Robles, we have a street strictly devoted to the beauty of arranging Christmas lights and decorating beautiful yards. Some are a sight to behold!
Some of the businesses offer warm cookies or hot cider to warm up with and visit with folks a little.
Blessings to all as you enjoy this Christmas season with your families.

Friday, December 4, 2009

~~"It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas"!!!~~

Yes, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas all around me...
The picture above showcases a cute little Christmas Tree skirt I made a few years ago to go with this sweet white wood christmas tree for a Gift Shop here in town. The owner purchased several Christmas stockings, ornaments and tree skirts along with the wooden trees from me. I had "sew" much fun making each item...all originals. Maybe I'll add a few more items I made later in the month.
Blessings to each one of you at this special season of celebration!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~~Happy Thanksgiving~~

A vintage postcard greeting to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with the ones you love.
I'm greatful to all of my blog friends and family...just wish I could hear from you more often. Please come and visit when you have time.
Thank you, God for all I enjoy and each day that I have...Blessings to each and every one!!

...(picture compliments of my friend, Rebecca, I just love it, thank you RN)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

~~My Depression Glassware Collection~~..and other pretties!!

In a portion of my "tiny" dining area, I have a large curio display cabinet that I showcase a few of my special collectibles (figurines and dishes). I thought it might be interesting to some of you that collect as well.
The top shelf showcases many "hummel" figurines we collected when we lived in Germany many years ago. I fell in love with their little faces and the stories that go along with them. In the front are some of my "vintage gals" that are usually out at Christmas, but I LOVE looking at them all year long....

The next 3 shelves are devoted to a set of depression glassware that my grandmother gave me a starter set of when I was 16 years old. The pattern is Green Cherry Blossom and is the authentic cherry blossom made by Jeanette Glass Company from 1930-1939. There are many reproduction "want-a-bees" out there. She added a serving piece each year on my birthday for almost 5 years. I just love this set of beautiful dishes...I have enjoyed luncheon on it a few times. I plan on having special times with my granddaughters and set a pretty table with them in the future.

Below is a close up of the footed cake plate that is absolutely gorgeous. I hope the pattern shows up well in the picture. You can see the pattern of the branch and cherries and stem in the middle...just so beautiful.

The vintage cherry blossom depression glassware also came out in pink cherry blossom and is also very gorgeous. Although my Grandmother didn't choose the pink one for me, I have gotten a few authentic pieces over the years for myself. I love it too!

Here is the beautiful "footed cake plate" and is lovely to put a cake on.

another view of it standing up and hopefully shows the pattern well....

On the bottom shelf, I also have a small collection of vintage authentic Shirley Temple pitcher, mug and bowl in blue.
My grandmother was a BIG collector of depression glassware and had MANY different patterns she collected. She would pick up different pieces on her and grandpa's road trips between Kansas-midwest area and California where they lived. I could tell she loved the look and feel of depression ware and was enveloped by it's beauty. I too have an appreciation of it as well and she taught me at a young age how to detect the authentic pieces and rule out the reproductions. She had so much when they moved into her retirement home that some were sold and brought high dollars. Collectors from all over came to see and purchase Grandma's stash! They remarked that her collections were some of the best they had ever seen. Some items were one-of-a-kind. I learned many things from her and listening by her side. She had 3 granddaughters and each of us got a set she picked out for us. I cherish the knowledge she gave me and found time spent with her so interesting. I treasure my dishes and think of her everytime I look at them. Thank you, Grandma Frances...and love her heart for thinking of us girls!
To all of you depression glass lovers, please share with me your depression glass collections, I would love to enjoy your stories and pictures....yes, I inherited the "collector gene" too, but on a much smaller scale than Grandma. Limited to this cabinet and a few pieces displayed in my new sewing studio which I will show as it comes together...I'm getting there!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

~My Cottage White Project~~

Recently hubby and I have been working on projects and trying to finish them up before the cold weather and holidays are upon us...
Thought I would share 3 pieces of furniture I plan on putting into my sewing studio that had been awaiting their makeover. Mostly, just a fresh new look with a pretty "cottage white" paint! So glad to get them completed...
This chest with it's horrible yellow color will be used for storing sewing items..

and after....

This ugly table painted a dark brown with a hodge podge top really needed painting and I was happy to get it completed. It will be used also in my sewing room as a work table with storage underneath...

and after...

I also added a vintage glass pull knob to the drawer. Originally I thought of putting a skirt made of pink and white roses around the bottom to hide the storage, but I like the legs with the groove details that showed up after painting.

This next one is my all time favorite and comes with a "little" story attached to it. Approximately 15 years ago my Mom wanted to have all of us siblings meet for an overnight with her and share with us some family history...she had 5 items that belonged to my Great Grandmother (her Gram) that she had passed down to her over the years and wanted each one of us to "draw" one to have! Among the items were "love letters" between Grandma & Grandpa, an antique press glass spooner, family portrait of the entire family, an old "dry sink" cabinet and another item I can't remember right now...well, as fate would have it, I drew the shortest straw and got "last pick"! I ended up with the old dilapidated "dry sink" and got "jabbed" and kidded about how ugly it was quite abit. Over the years when we were all growing up at home, it had been used (abused) in the garage by my brothers for their car projects and other hunting activities. I remember oil being stored in the lower area....anyway, I vowed to someday make them wish they had chosen this piece and show them another "vision" of it's potential...
I brought home the "poor thing" and it was stored in our garage this past 16 years...well, the other day I asked my hubby if he would take it out of the garage and completely wash it down and let it dry and I started the transformation that I dreamed of doing for so long.

Some of you might actually like how it came out after being washed up. Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of it first with the dirt & grime all over it!

And after....

I wanted a solid white color that I could simply "dress up"....
My Mom over that 15 years found antique glass handles somewhere and I had those to add after the paint dried.

I just love how she came out....someday I will show the others what they missed out on...LOL!
Eventually, these pieces will all be "somewhere" in my sewing studio which I will show another time.

This was my first time doing such a project and I felt good about completing it and getting 3 pieces cleaned out of my garage!! Doing my part in the "recycling" efforts!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

~~Lacee's Blessing~~

Yes, it has been a busy, busy month...pictured is the finished gown for the new little grand babies' special day...sorry that some of the pictures are a little dark.

I love how it came out...elegant simple design...she was just a little princess all dressed up.
Accented with lovely lace, handmade silk roses, satin covered buttons and cording and fully lined.

Now pictures of the little beauty all dressed up in her pretty dress...for her "special occasion".

She was so good as she received her wonderful blessing at Church...quiet and reverent.
Her parents so happy and proud holding her in their arms...God is so good!
Even Mimi was proud holding her in her arms on her special day!

Our family is so blessed and happy to have little Lacee in our lives. She is truly a special spirit and God continues to bless us each day with her love and special things we get to share with her. Thank you, God!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

~~"Antique Recycling Day"~~

This will be short and sweet....
I'm off to enjoy my recycling talents for the day...our bi-annual antique show and sale. Well worth visiting...what I found interesting in previous shows; old time luggage, of course linens (laces, tablecloths, those great husk towels and some with emblems/initials embroidered); some of the most beautiful made over white or ivory colored furniture I have ever seen; rhinestone jewelry and some dishware....I'm picky. I have a beautiful set of depression glassware my grandmother collected for me and I'm always on the look out for additional pieces. I'll share that with you a different time.
Enjoy your day doing what is pleasing to you....thank you, Lord for another wonderful day!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~~A Pink Experience~~

Recently my Mother-in-Law and I snuck off for a wonderful day together...first we visited my daughter and new granddaughter at the hospital. She was thrilled to see for the first time her 29th great grandchild.

Then we decided to have lunch nearby at one of our local resorts that has been in the county for over 45 honor of our granddaughter we thought it fitting to visit this "pink confection" of a also has great food too. Thought you might enjoy going on a tour of some of the areas of this fabulous place.

The formal dinner area with ballroom area for dancing...quite fancy!!

The building houses a dinner house and coffee shop...this little beauty swings back and forth at the entrance to the coffee shop...quite the wonderland.

One of the staircases inside...carpet is all pink roses....

The wallpaper is also a flashy pink swirl of goodness!!

Yes, and we cannot forget the bathroom has become a popular place to check out...this being the girls bathroom (I liked the saying above the sink!). I didn't get a picture of the boy's bathroom, but I'm told it has a waterfall inside.

Another picture of the outside...

If you are ever up toward the direction of San Luis Obispo in California, stop by for a great meal and/or dessert (red velvet cake; black forest cake and other fine confections), and check out this "pink wonderland"...right off of Hwy 101. I think it is worth seeing at least one time, right?

My MIL and I had a great day reminiscing and having quality time together...she is pretty special to me. She will be turning 90 later on in the month. I'm hoping to share with you some interesting things about her and her life. Love her and thank God as he blesses us with each day!