Monday, August 31, 2009

~A peek at my sewing studio~

As I work through the horrendous project of putting my sewing room back together after our recent home renovation, I thought I would post a few pictures of the better parts of the room for the time being..
This room will be primarily white and pink...I love the combination and it is the room where I go to do what I want to do. When we were figuring out what we were keeping and tossing after our renovation and how our rooms would be set up, my hubby and I agreed I needed a space to do what I love to do...soooo wha la!!

Bet you can't guess who made me these pretty hand painted beauties?..this little room is adorned with quite a number of accents and treasures from my favorite "hand painting" friend, Rebecca at A Gathering Place.

This is what I look out both windows at and view from this upstairs sewing studio "in the making"!
It is hard to believe, but the rest of this room is a disaster with plastic tubs full of fabric and etc. My sewing machine isn't even in here yet...still set up downstairs finishing up the new baby's items. For now these pictures are the only good parts of this room.
Will post before and after shots after I have completed this project...remember I'm slow....

Friday, August 28, 2009

~My one-day getaway~~

Recently I decided to clear my head and getaway for the know, maybe check out some antique shoppes or check out the tag sales. With my hubby's blessing, I set off for a day I wasn't sure how would turn out. Among my meanderings, I stopped through the most charming town to check out their antique mall and passed these wonderful homes on my way around. I decided to snap a few pictures and show you some of the homes. This is not a little town, it is the pleasant town of Pleasanton, just north of my home. Long enough for me to listen to half of my book on CD.

Although, the town's antique mall didn't yield a whole lot, I had fun there none the less. After an hour and a half there and lunch, I head south about 30 minutes to a wonderful line of antique stores in Niles...oh, I wish I had more than 2 hours to spend in those places. Another trip, perhaps. I decided to pick out 3 stores out of the 10 or 12, that I REALLY wanted to check out and then headed home. There were some fabulous treasures to look over. Unfortunately, in my greedy haste, I forgot to snap any pictures of the "line up" of the stores.

Enjoyed my day of fun and finished my book on CD on my way home. Hubby was there to greet me and help me carry up my day's "faire"...doesn't get much better than that, right!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My love of ~Millinery Fleurs~

As I put my work area back together in my sewing room (which by the way is still a "work in progress"), I ran across "some" of my millinery collection I have spent quite some time gathering...
I LOVE millinery flowers...they are so delicate and beautiful and I love hatboxes. I only have a few hatboxes and this is where I store my flowers. The pure white group above was what I harvested recently from a hat I picked up at the sweetest little antique shop I ran across. They are in perfect condition, which isn't always the case.

Though, these are not pink, I love the shades of purples and lavenders and some with fabric stems...I could see these made into a beautiful sachet.

This is a close up of a "mixed group"...I found some porcelan roses I also have amongst the old nesting in the hat box.

Some of these velvet roses are the most beautiful I have ever seen...these white roses which I found on an old orange hat (3 in a row) for $3.00 total. Some deals you just don't forget. I bought the red stemmed bunches for the stem parts...those where a wonderful deal as well. Also a close up below.

Just a little look at some of my collection of millinery flowers...I have more, maybe another time or in a different arrangement. These flowers ALWAYS remind me of beautiful times of the past...I've noticed the many hats from old movies that showcase some very beautiful flowers. Sad that this type of flower making has become a thing of the past.
Working on some other projects to share...more to come. Hopefully!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Granddaughter's Special dresses

As some of you know, my youngest daughter is about to deliver her baby girl. We are within weeks. I have been franticly trying to sew the baby's "blessing" dress, which has become tradition in my little family especially from me. Pictured above are my 2 oldest granddaughter's special dresses for their blessing day.

This special beauty is Tess Anna's (2nd granddaughter) made in 1999 which was made with the softest pure white fabric. I embellished hers with european lace that honestly looks as if it was handmade.

A little darker version (flash is off)..using available light..(I will get how to do this someday!)

The 2 previous pictures are of the special dress I made for my oldest granddaughter, Aubree Rose in 1997. This was the first one I had ever made and she was absolutely gorgeous all dressed in white on her blessing day. I used a beautiful crepe fabric and embellished her dress with a beautiful lace that almost looks like an eyelet style, but lacey. The picture below shows an "up close" picture of the lace. Additionally, I hand pearled each girls' dress, around the bodice and along the hem line. It turned out to be a nice touch.

Our newest addition's blessing dress is still in the making and I will show pictures later of how that one turned out. Laurel's baby shower is this coming Saturday, Aug. 29th...I'm hoping to have it finished by that date for it's unveiling. Wish me luck!! (I have changed the fabric twice and the lining, ugh!..the hazards of being a perfectionist...thanks, Dad for that "hand-me-down trait). Always takes me a little longer than in every stitch!
More I work through my projects.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Working on getting some photos up!!

Still working on my blog site and uploading some photos...been having some problems getting them to upload to my computer from my camera...stand by. Will try another way, if this continues..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Well, I have been away much to long...I have been working on some things that I will share with you~~real soon!!

Found a few sweet treasures and visited the most charming little town recently...will share soon, once I get pictures uploaded and organized.
I've missed you.....