Monday, October 26, 2009

~~Lacee's Blessing~~

Yes, it has been a busy, busy month...pictured is the finished gown for the new little grand babies' special day...sorry that some of the pictures are a little dark.

I love how it came out...elegant simple design...she was just a little princess all dressed up.
Accented with lovely lace, handmade silk roses, satin covered buttons and cording and fully lined.

Now pictures of the little beauty all dressed up in her pretty dress...for her "special occasion".

She was so good as she received her wonderful blessing at Church...quiet and reverent.
Her parents so happy and proud holding her in their arms...God is so good!
Even Mimi was proud holding her in her arms on her special day!

Our family is so blessed and happy to have little Lacee in our lives. She is truly a special spirit and God continues to bless us each day with her love and special things we get to share with her. Thank you, God!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

~~"Antique Recycling Day"~~

This will be short and sweet....
I'm off to enjoy my recycling talents for the day...our bi-annual antique show and sale. Well worth visiting...what I found interesting in previous shows; old time luggage, of course linens (laces, tablecloths, those great husk towels and some with emblems/initials embroidered); some of the most beautiful made over white or ivory colored furniture I have ever seen; rhinestone jewelry and some dishware....I'm picky. I have a beautiful set of depression glassware my grandmother collected for me and I'm always on the look out for additional pieces. I'll share that with you a different time.
Enjoy your day doing what is pleasing to you....thank you, Lord for another wonderful day!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~~A Pink Experience~~

Recently my Mother-in-Law and I snuck off for a wonderful day together...first we visited my daughter and new granddaughter at the hospital. She was thrilled to see for the first time her 29th great grandchild.

Then we decided to have lunch nearby at one of our local resorts that has been in the county for over 45 honor of our granddaughter we thought it fitting to visit this "pink confection" of a also has great food too. Thought you might enjoy going on a tour of some of the areas of this fabulous place.

The formal dinner area with ballroom area for dancing...quite fancy!!

The building houses a dinner house and coffee shop...this little beauty swings back and forth at the entrance to the coffee shop...quite the wonderland.

One of the staircases inside...carpet is all pink roses....

The wallpaper is also a flashy pink swirl of goodness!!

Yes, and we cannot forget the bathroom has become a popular place to check out...this being the girls bathroom (I liked the saying above the sink!). I didn't get a picture of the boy's bathroom, but I'm told it has a waterfall inside.

Another picture of the outside...

If you are ever up toward the direction of San Luis Obispo in California, stop by for a great meal and/or dessert (red velvet cake; black forest cake and other fine confections), and check out this "pink wonderland"...right off of Hwy 101. I think it is worth seeing at least one time, right?

My MIL and I had a great day reminiscing and having quality time together...she is pretty special to me. She will be turning 90 later on in the month. I'm hoping to share with you some interesting things about her and her life. Love her and thank God as he blesses us with each day!