Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~My thoughts are with my family right now~

Picture of Mom and us kids at our reunion in 2004-David, Me, Danny, Darell, Tori and Mom-lined up by how we were born.

Recently, my thoughts have been with my mother and my siblings as we work through the process of my Mother trying to pass away. She is still with us, but we have been told now for a week that "she has 2 hours", "won't make it through the day", "we have only days possibly hours". It is hard watching her diminish before our eyes. She is so thin and weak. Because she lives near me and I have cared for her continously since she moved down here over 3 years ago, my brothers and sister have individually come to visit to spend time with her this past week.
Mom has been suffering from severe dementia-Alzheimer disease and has been in skilled nursing for almost 2 years. She has now lost the ability to swallow and to know she needs to eat. She also smoked for 45 years and has emphesema and COPD. She quit smoking 20 years ago, but the damage was done. She has even been on full time oxygen for the last couple of years. The day I was called with the news they were taking her to the hospital, I was reminded of God's plan and that what she and I are experiencing, is the process of life. It is wonderful to have God in my life and how He guides me to feel His promptings with His spirit. Song lyrics I hear that brings home the love He has for us that I have listened to recently. It is amazing. I wanted to share a scripture that I actually looked up and saw printed on the back window of the van parked in front of me in the parking lot. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding" (Proverbs 3:5 KJV). This has become my new favorite scripture and is providing me strength right now. Isn't God good?? Out of the whole parking lot of Costco, this van parked in front of me...God knew I needed to see that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A new angel for our family!!

I am so excited I just wanted to share with everyone. My youngest daughter had her ultrasound today as part of her OB activities during her pregnancy. She is still on track as her due date of October 4th. She also found out we are having a girl!!!! She has 2 sons, a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old already and was secretly inside hoping for a girl, but would take whatever God blessed her with. I decided to pull out one of my "little girl" cards and share the news with you. Isn't she a sweetie having tea party with her babies. I expect we may have a girlie, girl and will see much of this going on at her house. We have much to be thankful for and blessed about.

Now I need to get my sewing studio in order and get busy on girl stuff...I'm in heaven, ladies!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

~~Mother's Day Blessings to You!!!~~

A Happy Mother's Day wish and blessing to all my lovely blogging ladies. You are truly special to me and I pray each of you feel God's goodness in your lives as you share time with your families.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring is blooming at our house!!

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our yard and house. We are enjoying some beautiful spring weather here along the central coast in California including God's gentle sprinkle of rain. As you can see our home is nestled into a 1 acre sloping hillside. Ron and I designed our home about 22 years ago and had it built on this ever "work in progress" hillside parcel of land.

Here is one of the brick work flower beds my hubby completed a couple of years ago and planted...seems to be filling in better each year.

The rock roses and lavender blooms are beautiful along the right edge with the petite geranium blooms slowly coming along. I can see some areas that will need some extra care and additional flowers, but overall I am loving it!!

Here is our climbing pink rose bushes in bloom along the fence bordering our neighbors property and along the left side of our driveway. Aren't they just gorgeous??? The pictures don't do them justice.
God is so good and I feel truly blessed to even have a home at all. Will post more later as the ever evolving yard takes on more character.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our local bi-annual antique faire

The day was gorgeous for the bi-annual antique show presentation. I had such a good time checking out all the special things each vendor brought to the show for sale. These "hens" are particular about the "old stuff" being 80% old/20% newer stuff. So there was a nice selection.
I'm only showing some of the shops that displayed outside. There were tons inside too.
I found so many of those beautiful architectural corner cabinets that so many have longed for here. My extremely talented friend, Rebecca of A Gathering Place, would have gone nuts with all to choose from and items to paint her pretty roses on.

I took random shots of just a few booths and I didn't know any of the folks in these pictures...but it was fun interacting with others that share the love of good sturdy furniture and pretty things.

You are probably wondering if I came away with anything??? You bet...I was looking for wall mirrors to put up in the hallway and found a few, but sadly didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I did however, come away with a couple of small rhinestone pins, I thought were beauties. Also 3 pieces of fabulous barkcloth remnants that are beauuutiful!!...for $3 for all!!! I did real good keeping my composure, but inside I was saying, yes!!! I wanted to get out of her booth really fast in case she changed her mind! Not sure what I'll use them for right now, but the brain is ticking.
Have a lovely weekend....aaaahhhhh!!!