Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our local bi-annual antique faire

The day was gorgeous for the bi-annual antique show presentation. I had such a good time checking out all the special things each vendor brought to the show for sale. These "hens" are particular about the "old stuff" being 80% old/20% newer stuff. So there was a nice selection.
I'm only showing some of the shops that displayed outside. There were tons inside too.
I found so many of those beautiful architectural corner cabinets that so many have longed for here. My extremely talented friend, Rebecca of A Gathering Place, would have gone nuts with all to choose from and items to paint her pretty roses on.

I took random shots of just a few booths and I didn't know any of the folks in these pictures...but it was fun interacting with others that share the love of good sturdy furniture and pretty things.

You are probably wondering if I came away with anything??? You bet...I was looking for wall mirrors to put up in the hallway and found a few, but sadly didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I did however, come away with a couple of small rhinestone pins, I thought were beauties. Also 3 pieces of fabulous barkcloth remnants that are beauuutiful!!...for $3 for all!!! I did real good keeping my composure, but inside I was saying, yes!!! I wanted to get out of her booth really fast in case she changed her mind! Not sure what I'll use them for right now, but the brain is ticking.
Have a lovely weekend....aaaahhhhh!!!


  1. Did someone say barkcloth ???????
    I don't know why but I love the old barkcloth fabrics . Not to mention all those scrumptious larger than life patterns to go with the cool textures.
    I wish I had a place large enough to collect and store pieces of vintage barkcloth I know that eventually it would all be put to use.
    Enjoy your treasures. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a blessed week .

  2. I'm more sad than I can say that I was not with you enjoying this wonderful event. Maybe someday, friend. Someday!

    Love to you...Rebecca