Sunday, November 8, 2009

~~My Depression Glassware Collection~~..and other pretties!!

In a portion of my "tiny" dining area, I have a large curio display cabinet that I showcase a few of my special collectibles (figurines and dishes). I thought it might be interesting to some of you that collect as well.
The top shelf showcases many "hummel" figurines we collected when we lived in Germany many years ago. I fell in love with their little faces and the stories that go along with them. In the front are some of my "vintage gals" that are usually out at Christmas, but I LOVE looking at them all year long....

The next 3 shelves are devoted to a set of depression glassware that my grandmother gave me a starter set of when I was 16 years old. The pattern is Green Cherry Blossom and is the authentic cherry blossom made by Jeanette Glass Company from 1930-1939. There are many reproduction "want-a-bees" out there. She added a serving piece each year on my birthday for almost 5 years. I just love this set of beautiful dishes...I have enjoyed luncheon on it a few times. I plan on having special times with my granddaughters and set a pretty table with them in the future.

Below is a close up of the footed cake plate that is absolutely gorgeous. I hope the pattern shows up well in the picture. You can see the pattern of the branch and cherries and stem in the middle...just so beautiful.

The vintage cherry blossom depression glassware also came out in pink cherry blossom and is also very gorgeous. Although my Grandmother didn't choose the pink one for me, I have gotten a few authentic pieces over the years for myself. I love it too!

Here is the beautiful "footed cake plate" and is lovely to put a cake on.

another view of it standing up and hopefully shows the pattern well....

On the bottom shelf, I also have a small collection of vintage authentic Shirley Temple pitcher, mug and bowl in blue.
My grandmother was a BIG collector of depression glassware and had MANY different patterns she collected. She would pick up different pieces on her and grandpa's road trips between Kansas-midwest area and California where they lived. I could tell she loved the look and feel of depression ware and was enveloped by it's beauty. I too have an appreciation of it as well and she taught me at a young age how to detect the authentic pieces and rule out the reproductions. She had so much when they moved into her retirement home that some were sold and brought high dollars. Collectors from all over came to see and purchase Grandma's stash! They remarked that her collections were some of the best they had ever seen. Some items were one-of-a-kind. I learned many things from her and listening by her side. She had 3 granddaughters and each of us got a set she picked out for us. I cherish the knowledge she gave me and found time spent with her so interesting. I treasure my dishes and think of her everytime I look at them. Thank you, Grandma Frances...and love her heart for thinking of us girls!
To all of you depression glass lovers, please share with me your depression glass collections, I would love to enjoy your stories and pictures....yes, I inherited the "collector gene" too, but on a much smaller scale than Grandma. Limited to this cabinet and a few pieces displayed in my new sewing studio which I will show as it comes together...I'm getting there!

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