Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~~Brennen's Special Day~~

April was a time of celebration...Brennen, our oldest grandson turned 8. In addition to the celebration of his birth, he also was able to be baptised. In addition to us, his local family, his grandparents from out of state came for his special weekend. His baptism day was just for him. He received both talks on baptism and the holy ghost...then he was baptised. He has such a sweet spirit...he got tears in his eyes and gave us all his testimony of Jesus Christ in his life.

Picture afterwards of him and his Dad.

Part of our "local" family including his Mom & Dad and sisters, with my husband & I (in black) and Great Grandma and Great Aunt Charlotte on the left.

It was a fabulous day Brennen had been looking forward to. We are so proud of him and love him very much.

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  1. Mary, Brennen looks so cute in his baptismal clothes. It is always such a special time for families.
    have a great weekend with family.