Monday, December 14, 2009

~~Enjoying Christmas festivities with my family~~

Recently our little town enjoyed "Vine Street Walk, A Victorian Showcase of Christmas"...
This beautiful Ellen Clapsaddle card reminded me of that time, but long ago, when families dressed up and went strolling down the streets and admiring beautiful Christmas lights. Here in our small town of Paso Robles, we have a street strictly devoted to the beauty of arranging Christmas lights and decorating beautiful yards. Some are a sight to behold!
Some of the businesses offer warm cookies or hot cider to warm up with and visit with folks a little.
Blessings to all as you enjoy this Christmas season with your families.

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  1. Hi Mary sweet,
    It sounds like your town knows how to keep Christmas. I live in a wonderful tiny town(450), but it certainly lacks charm...sigh. So I go to a little larger town (5,000) 30 miles north where they do Christmas so well. I love the feel of the whole place.