Sunday, March 29, 2009

Enjoying our beautiful weather!

My hubby, Ron and I have been travelling a little bit lately and enjoying the beautiful weather we have had. We went to Arizona last weekend (4 days, 3 nights). My husband is a western nut and loves the old west. The Festival of the West in Scottsdale, Arizona had a 4 day festival including anything you could want or desire in leather and chuck wagon products. We just looked and reminisced how it must have been in the "old days". There were several actors from some of the old western movies and we were able to meet them and enjoyed talking with them. Clint Walker, my favorite was there and it was great to visit with him talk about his Cheyenne character that he played. Very nice, gentle man. We also saw Ty Hardin, Hugh O'Brian and Bruce Dern. I never knew who any of them were until I set in on some of my husband's favorite westerns on the "encore-western" channel at home. We only went 1 day (it was 85 degrees). The next day was Sunday, normally I don't shop on the sabbath, but I had to check out the enormous antique mall nearby as we were leaving the next day. I had a blast! I got to look at everything and came away with a few treasures...the lady that checked me out was so sweet and she even loved the items I picked out. She said "you have very good taste". Made me happy and we chatted and had fun looking at each item.
The next day we headed home and was glad to have had a little break away from the remodelling. Last week though, I had a moment to visit one of our local antique malls. I was on a search for a brooch pin for one of my daughters. Never found it, but found one of those neat corner cabinets that one of my friends, Rebecca from A Gathering Place has just recently redone and I think one of her friends has a pink one too. I love the architectural designing of it and wish I had a corner to put it in. This one had a drawer in the middle (which is different than I'd seen) and was already painted white. I really liked it and it was for sale $350.00 (ouch!) ..Soooo...if anyone is looking for one there is one here in Paso Robles, CA.
Our weather here has just been beautiful! The last few days have been in the upper 70's-80's. I really want to go outside and plant something. April is around the corner and this is birthday/Easter/anniversary time for our family...something about every 5 days during the month. Looking forward to that special family time. With hugs and hope you find that great find you are looking forward....many blessings to you and your families....will post some more soon and put some pictures up!!

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  1. Hello Sweet Mary!

    Thrilled to read about you and your hubbs little get-a-way. Steve and I were going to make a trip to Dallas in a few weeks and I was soooo excited...but, one of his wonderful pals from work invited him to go on a two day fishing trip with a guide somewhere in Arkansas that same weekend (I think!). Anyway, I SOOOO want him to go on this trip with his guy-friends (there are 5 of them!) that we've changed our plans and we will go a different weekend (hard when you are worship leader at your church!). He works incredibly hard and more than deserves the chance to be with his friends!

    I was happy to read you found a cabinet! Too bad you don't have a place for it! Those little corner beauties are getting pricier and pricier! Some are free-standing but mine came from an old kitchen. It is why I love it so much! My friend, Tea, only paid $69 for her and I had to give about double that!

    Loved stopping by again...loving thoughts to you! xoRebecca