Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter's on it's way!!

Yes, Easter is around the corner and our family is planning on getting together.

I couldn't resist one of my "clapsaddle postcards" to put up. Isn't she beautiful??

I'll add one of my favorite pics of the grandkids a couple of years ago right after they found all their eggs.

Aren't they cute??...I'm sure we will have another precious one to post after they have had their fun for the day....we also have another little one participating this year! He is two....
Doesn't he look mischevious...he's actually really very sweet, just likes to get his way. In a few months he will be sharing the family time and his mother's time with a little brother or sister. Yes, she has her hands full. I love each and everyone...
With a grateful heart...

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  1. Mom, you are right, Grant is a silly one. Easter is going to fun this year, I just feel it. I'm excited to see how everyone will react to the new baby, Daddy & Chase & I are very excited, but Grant is not quite sure what is going on yet. I already feel like I have my hands full, with the new one on the way I think I am just crazy now. Hee Hee!