Saturday, March 7, 2009

My sweet Grandmother

Frances Victoria Albin Heinkel Denison...1925

Today is my grandmother's I reflect on this day and her, many things of my childhood come to mind. She was the most talented, kind, spirtual, regal lady I've ever known. She taught me many things and took time with me. From my earliest recollection of her, I always remember her devotion to family. Her life was not easy. She came from a family of nine children, 7 girls and 2 boys. She was born and grew up on a farm in Kansas. She married the love of her life in 1926..she looked so happy on her wedding day. She had a son in 1927 and my mother in 1928. The year of 1928 was a hard year for her. She was expecting a child at the time her husband became very sick with pneumonia. He died March, 1928 and my mother was born in April. She still had another small child which was almost two. He became sick with pneumonia and he too passed away that December, 1928. Grandma was grief stricken by all the tragedy that year and decided she needed family and her and my mother moved back to Great Grandma's home. There she tried to piece her life back together and in a couple of years met her soon-to-be second husband. They eventually married and she had 2 more children. Life for Grandma was taking care of her family and was a dedicated homemaker all her life. She could cook anything and set the most beautiful table at holiday times. She could sew beautifully and her needlework was a "work of art". I remember the beautiful dresses she sewed for me for school. Little lace edged collars, covered buttons around the yoke on another dress. I loved those days. Sleepovers at her house were always fun, with board games and the sharing of her many hobbies. She loved the "arts" and education. Her real passion seemed to be depression glassware. I think she had a piece in every pattern. I, being her first granddaughter, she collected and presented to me a set of "green cherry" depression glassware for my 16th birthday. I so treasured them and still do. I have added to them and have them displayed in a special cabinet. She has passed that collector gene down and interested me in that passion of hers. Although I didn't collect as much as her, she taught me "what to look for and check for authenticity". I loved learning from her. She collected and passed down a different set of depression glassware to each one of her granddaughters. A kind of legacy of hers. She was so interesting and had many interests, aside from her depression glass collecting (which she was able to do with Grandpa), she could sew. She made 2 special hand embroidered baby quilts in pink and blue for her first great granddaughter and great grandson. Just for fun she entered them in the local county fair and received first place ribbons on both. My oldest daughter was the recipient of the "pink quilt". What an honor.

As I reflect back on my grandmother on this day, her day, I do so with love and admiration. I'm so thankful she was in my life...Love you Grandma...


  1. Oh Mary...what a beautiful tribute to an even more beautiful lady. She certainly rubbed off on you! Isn't God good?

    Thank you for sharing...xoReb

  2. Mary, What a beautiful post about your Grangmother. I'm in tears over it. What sadness she had in her life, loosing a child and her hudband..I understand.
    What a gorgeous vintage photo of her I love it..
    Blessing to you both! ~Mary~

  3. Thank you, ladies for your sweet comments..blessings to each of you.