Friday, August 28, 2009

~My one-day getaway~~

Recently I decided to clear my head and getaway for the know, maybe check out some antique shoppes or check out the tag sales. With my hubby's blessing, I set off for a day I wasn't sure how would turn out. Among my meanderings, I stopped through the most charming town to check out their antique mall and passed these wonderful homes on my way around. I decided to snap a few pictures and show you some of the homes. This is not a little town, it is the pleasant town of Pleasanton, just north of my home. Long enough for me to listen to half of my book on CD.

Although, the town's antique mall didn't yield a whole lot, I had fun there none the less. After an hour and a half there and lunch, I head south about 30 minutes to a wonderful line of antique stores in Niles...oh, I wish I had more than 2 hours to spend in those places. Another trip, perhaps. I decided to pick out 3 stores out of the 10 or 12, that I REALLY wanted to check out and then headed home. There were some fabulous treasures to look over. Unfortunately, in my greedy haste, I forgot to snap any pictures of the "line up" of the stores.

Enjoyed my day of fun and finished my book on CD on my way home. Hubby was there to greet me and help me carry up my day's "faire"...doesn't get much better than that, right!


  1. Loving the houses, Mare! Wish I'd been with you to share your day. We'd have had such an amazing time chatting away, huh?

    Miss you!


  2. Hi Mary,
    Don't you just love those clear-your-head kind of days. I try to do it once a week. Just a day by myself. Looks like your day was a lovely one.