Monday, August 31, 2009

~A peek at my sewing studio~

As I work through the horrendous project of putting my sewing room back together after our recent home renovation, I thought I would post a few pictures of the better parts of the room for the time being..
This room will be primarily white and pink...I love the combination and it is the room where I go to do what I want to do. When we were figuring out what we were keeping and tossing after our renovation and how our rooms would be set up, my hubby and I agreed I needed a space to do what I love to do...soooo wha la!!

Bet you can't guess who made me these pretty hand painted beauties?..this little room is adorned with quite a number of accents and treasures from my favorite "hand painting" friend, Rebecca at A Gathering Place.

This is what I look out both windows at and view from this upstairs sewing studio "in the making"!
It is hard to believe, but the rest of this room is a disaster with plastic tubs full of fabric and etc. My sewing machine isn't even in here yet...still set up downstairs finishing up the new baby's items. For now these pictures are the only good parts of this room.
Will post before and after shots after I have completed this project...remember I'm slow....

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