Sunday, August 23, 2009

Granddaughter's Special dresses

As some of you know, my youngest daughter is about to deliver her baby girl. We are within weeks. I have been franticly trying to sew the baby's "blessing" dress, which has become tradition in my little family especially from me. Pictured above are my 2 oldest granddaughter's special dresses for their blessing day.

This special beauty is Tess Anna's (2nd granddaughter) made in 1999 which was made with the softest pure white fabric. I embellished hers with european lace that honestly looks as if it was handmade.

A little darker version (flash is off)..using available light..(I will get how to do this someday!)

The 2 previous pictures are of the special dress I made for my oldest granddaughter, Aubree Rose in 1997. This was the first one I had ever made and she was absolutely gorgeous all dressed in white on her blessing day. I used a beautiful crepe fabric and embellished her dress with a beautiful lace that almost looks like an eyelet style, but lacey. The picture below shows an "up close" picture of the lace. Additionally, I hand pearled each girls' dress, around the bodice and along the hem line. It turned out to be a nice touch.

Our newest addition's blessing dress is still in the making and I will show pictures later of how that one turned out. Laurel's baby shower is this coming Saturday, Aug. 29th...I'm hoping to have it finished by that date for it's unveiling. Wish me luck!! (I have changed the fabric twice and the lining, ugh!..the hazards of being a perfectionist...thanks, Dad for that "hand-me-down trait). Always takes me a little longer than in every stitch!
More I work through my projects.

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  1. Beautiful, Mary! Just absolutely LOVELY!

    Hope you are doing well...thinking about you and praying all goes well for your girl.

    When Adrienne has a baby girl (being positive here), she wants to name her Aubrey Suzanne (the 2nd half after ME!) :)

    Love to you oh talented one...