Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My love of ~Millinery Fleurs~

As I put my work area back together in my sewing room (which by the way is still a "work in progress"), I ran across "some" of my millinery collection I have spent quite some time gathering...
I LOVE millinery flowers...they are so delicate and beautiful and I love hatboxes. I only have a few hatboxes and this is where I store my flowers. The pure white group above was what I harvested recently from a hat I picked up at the sweetest little antique shop I ran across. They are in perfect condition, which isn't always the case.

Though, these are not pink, I love the shades of purples and lavenders and some with fabric stems...I could see these made into a beautiful sachet.

This is a close up of a "mixed group"...I found some porcelan roses I also have amongst the old nesting in the hat box.

Some of these velvet roses are the most beautiful I have ever seen...these white roses which I found on an old orange hat (3 in a row) for $3.00 total. Some deals you just don't forget. I bought the red stemmed bunches for the stem parts...those where a wonderful deal as well. Also a close up below.

Just a little look at some of my collection of millinery flowers...I have more, maybe another time or in a different arrangement. These flowers ALWAYS remind me of beautiful times of the past...I've noticed the many hats from old movies that showcase some very beautiful flowers. Sad that this type of flower making has become a thing of the past.
Working on some other projects to share...more to come. Hopefully!!

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  1. I love them, also. I remember Mother sewing pretty ones onto her hats to dress them up. TTFN ~Marydon