Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday with family

My Sweet Grandchildren

We had such a great Easter Sunday with our family...after church we all gathered at our youngest daughter's home for a wonderful sit down ham dinner and with all the trimmings. She lives in a lovely, spacious home built in the late 1960's. It backs up to one of the golf courses in our town. It makes her back yard seem enormous. She was always our "activities director" when she lived at home. She loved to plan fun things to do for our once a week Family Home Evening. They always included scripture time, a hymn and a wonderful thought to carry us through the week. She is VERY talented in so many ways. Easter Sunday was no different. Her sweet husband started off with a message he shared with all of us about the "true" meaning of Easter and of the crucifixtion and later the resurrection. The way it was presented was even easy for the children to follow. Everyone was on the edge of their seat listening and learning. Truly inspired.

After our lovely dinner together the kids were ready to go "hunting". They had such fun hunting for easter eggs and our daughter even had them color coordinated so they could look for their own and then help the others once they found theirs. Everyone had a good time, even us grown ups just watching and taking pictures.
Our newest "easter egg hunter" this year was Grant and he was having fun. He's pictured here with his Aunt Shellee (our oldest daughter) finding an egg in the birdhouse.

He was skipping along and having a fun time!

He is getting some help from my husband, his Pop and really getting into it!

Afterwards, Laurel had picture creating time with chalk on a part of her back step. All the grandchildren 2-11 years participated and everyone was a winner!

I love the thought each one put into their pictures.

We feel truly blessed to have both our daughters and their families in close proximity to enjoy these special times together. God is good.

Aubree, Tess and Brennen

Chase and Grant with our daughter, their mother, Laurel.

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  1. Can you adopt me?!~!!!!!!
    Your family is ALL so special!!