Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen!!

I love this picture from Greg Olson...Happy Easter Morn!


  1. Oooh, Mimi honey, it's nice to have you visit with me! I love the Paso Robles area and would love living there if it wasn't for Idaho. Happy to meet you and drop by to chat any time. We'll be in Calif. next week for a week but I've got several blog posts scheduled that I'm quite sure you'll enjoy reading. I also do NOT travel without my laptop so I'm gonna be in touch, chickee!

  2. Here's latest today on son, honey.

    His wife took him to the quick care part of Kaiser and not the hospital. When they got there he was vomiting and passing out and vision was going in and out. (I'm going to cry here.........) They called an ambulance to take him to the Kaiser hospital. There they said his left eye has some damage. Where it's supposed to be round - retina, I think - is now oval. This opens up the possibility to a detached retina and easier to get glaucoma down the line. They immediately got an IV into him and gave him compazine for the vomiting. His vision is cloudy in that eye now. They didn't think it was that nerve but something called menenges or something like that. He doesn't speak very strongly but stronger than before. He said his already skinny legs are wasting away to nothing. I'm just sick about it. I don't know what else to think or say. I've just heard so much bad news and it doesn't seem to end as to what that beating did to his body. They gave him dilatid for the pain. That's a form of morphine but about 400x stronger. He said it's the first time since the beating he's had his head not hurt terrificly and he's thrilled about that. They gave him prescriptions for it but I was told they have to inject it in me so they LIED! But if it helps him than that's fine.

    This is what he just told me tonight.

    Thanks for your prayers,