Monday, April 27, 2009

Our weekend getaway!!

This past weekend Ron and I celebrated our 39th anniversary. We couldn't have asked for better weather. We stayed in Pacific Grove, about two hours north of where we live near the beautiful Monterey Bay. We stayed at this charming B&B and was well taken care of. We didn't make any reservations before we left and we just sort of "happened" on this hotel and it was lovely. Gourmet breakfasts each morning. We felt truly "loved".
Centrella Hotel

We had a great time walking the small, quaint town and checking out small thrift shops and antique stores. We found a few fun things. We had our anniversary meal at an "international restaurant" and it was pretty good. Very healthy food and nice atmosphere. We had a nice romantic table by the window.
On Sunday, as we were leaving, we couldn't resist driving the 10 short miles to Carmel-by-the Sea and take a couple of pictures of the church we were married in 39 years ago.

Church of the Wayfarer

We had a chance to visit with the present minister (our minister, who married us, we learned from our last visit, had passed away about 10 years ago). Pastor Norman was a kind and caring man and showed us around and how little the church had really changed. We had been inside a couple of other times since we had been married. Thomas Kinkade had painted this very church and Ron and I had obtained it last year and shared our excitement of owning it with Pastor Norman. He said that Thom had come to the church to unveil the one they have in the foyer when he painted it 4 years ago. We thanked him for the time he spent with us and he invited us back anytime.


  1. Oh my gosh...beautiful post! Lovely pics for a lovely time spent with the Keeper of Your Heart.

    Isn't God good?

    Today, you blessed me again!

    Love to you sweet friend...Rebecca

  2. Happy Anniversary!! What a fun trip! I love B&B's!

  3. ... What a beautiful little church too! We honeymooned in Carmel ourselves Oh 15 years ago this June!