Saturday, April 25, 2009

~~Happy Anniversary to us~~

Our Wedding Day - 4/25/1970

We were married on a beautiful, spring afternoon in Carmel, California. We were married at a Methodist Church half way between his parents, then living in San Simeon, California and my family in San Jose, California. We had an indoor wedding with most of our pictures taken outside in the gardens. Those were hard days when a couple starting out didn't have much money to get married on. No professional photographers, we counted on our family to take the momentos of the day. So the pictures are kind of "rugged". Also "to save money", I transformed my white prom dress into my wedding dress (a short version). Not an uncommon thing to do of those days. Ron purchased my special bouquet for the day and I wore keepsake jewelry as I walked down the aisle with my father. Also included in my wedding ceremony was the bible given to me at a young age. This had always been a "wish" of my mother. If I could have changed anything for my wedding day, I would have wanted a traditional long wedding dress and a professional photographer. It doesn't matter now, all things work out, but that was just a silly girly girl want. (It's funny I made sure both of my daughters had that for their special day!)

We had a wonderful day and are still "best friends" after 39 years. We do most everything together or at least consider the other and enjoy sweet time together. Ron and I share a very special love and always have. We met for the first time when he returned home from Vietnam and I was finishing up my senior year of high school in April, 1969. We dated for the first time in June, 1969 after graduation and I believe "loved at first sight". We were inseperable after that and he asked me to marry him August 7, 1969. I was 17 at the time and wanted to wait until after my birthday (turn 18) and the holidays before we married.

My beloved and I today...holding our Grandson.

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  1. Very nice mom...Happy Anniversary!

    Love, Little Latin (aka Laurel Anne)