Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Treasure Hunt from our recent trip!

Thought I would post some recent finds from our excursions while we were out of town. Some are local and most were picked up while we were in Arizona visiting.

Found this gorgeous white metal lattice tray with handles...very good condition...Also this lovely vintage apothecary jar. I couldn't believe the price...it was incredible and heavy thick glass. Among the linens I found the lovely tablecloth and crocheted doily. At another place I found the vintage dresser jar with metal lid. I walked by it once and almost missed it. Also at this location I found the beautiful light pink detailed damask napkins in spectacular condition.

The handpainted rose buttons were also a find there along with this exquisite vintage rose celluloid pin. The sparkly vintage rhinestone button is a beauty and I found it at the same place as the damask napkins.

Little by little we are getting some of our renovations completed and getting things put away. I hope to post a couple of before and after shots in a week or so. If I'm not too embarrassed about the before shots. Things got ugly before we got rolling with the remove and replace. Ugh! Learned something about replacing carpet and still living in the house. It is worse than moving...everything needs to be moved off the floor so the new carpet can be installed. I never did so much back and forth with my stuff. Did some review on what I don't need to continue lugging around and moving. Ha!
It was nice to take a break and look for some pretty little finds for my home and new sewing studio.

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  1. You did find some neat things. I do love the lovely pink napkins. I'm sure you will have fun weaving each 'new' thing here and there through out your home. And know what you mean about those ugly before shots, got some myself. Glad you guys had a good time and a safe return.
    Easter Blessings, Candy